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KPSLP- KCADOR private sponsored learner program is a special package that provides mentoring services to primary and high school going students. Learners are assigned with moderators who will mentor and monitor. Identifying Learners talents, offering professional career advice and academic monitoring and support take center stage in this program. Like the three stones of the traditional fire place;- three parties are key in this program, the learner who is the mentee, the parent and KCADOR who is the mentor. KPSLP benefit member students in the following ways-

This is a section that provides members with an opportunity to read books of all kind. Academic, motivational, inspirational, spiritual, and research books. Parents can enroll their children in this section to enable them read academic materials, access KCSE and KCPE revision papers. In this section content is categorized according to group academic level to allow maximum participation.

 Primary, secondary and college students will enjoy unlimited reading that comes questions with answers and evaluation tests.

 Children’s section allows kids to watch stories with lessons, watch educating videos and answer questions thereafter.

The Kenya centers of academicians is committed to journeying with academic institutions towards achieving a success culture. Research conducted by the Kenya centers of academicians {2010-2015}, shows that the leading challenge contributing to poor academic performance in schools in Kenya today is the READING CULTURE PROBLEM. Over 80% of schools have learners who we may liken them to wheelbarrows since they cannot work without supervision. The wheelbarrow students do not possess the desire to learn, they only work under the supervision of the teacher and therefore just like wheelbarrows you will find them in the very position you left them. This explains the cheating problem in examination that became an educational national disaster recently.  This problem seems to have curbed through tough rules and tight supervision during the exam time.

A section that allows mentors and motivational speakers to join KCADOR program. Here mentors have the opportunity to mentor one another and get more training on mentoring skills. A mentor to mentor platform is provided so that senior mentors and career icons can mentor the young and upcoming mentors in the industry. Top university professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, among other professional career icons interact with students interested in these careers and jobs. They provide technical guidance and encouragement to their aspirants and share their stories.

Each of us has the potential to mentor another individual and to promote the role model of mentor to our colleagues. Mentoring young or inexperienced professionals is an investment in the future of our industry and in the success of the future workforce.